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Congressional Internship Program: Application & Timeline

Application Materials

To apply, please submit your application (resume, written responses and letter of recommendation) via Hire-A-VOL available in MyUTK by the appropriate deadline for your desired internship semester. Your letter of recommendation should come from a professional reference who can speak to your professionalism, communication skills, dependability, leadership and public service. Note: Please have your reference email their letter to Stephanie Kit, Director of the Center for Career Development,  at Letters of recommendation can also be submitted in person at the Center for Career Development during our regular operating hours.

Application Instructions 

Step One: Log into your Hire-A-VOL account and search for the Congressional Internship Program.

Step Two: Read the description, taking note of the requested documents and short answer and essay questions. Make sure your reference emails their letter of recommendation or submits it in person.

Step Three: Upload the requested documents via the My Account menu option in your Hire-A-VOL account. Find the My Documents header and upload your resume and essay answers. The essays should be uploaded under the Writing Sample category.

Step Four: Return to the Congressional Internship Program posting information. Click on the button that says “Request Interview,” and choose the documents you would like to submit for the Congressional Internship Program. Click “Request Interview” again, and submit your application for review!

Interview Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff and students. Selected candidates will be invited to interview for the internship program during the designated week for the internship semester.

Placement Process

Selected nominees will be notified following the week(s) of interviews. After notification, the student and program contacts will work together in individual meetings and on-going email communication on the following:

  • Applications to individual legislative offices including resume and cover letter review
  • Preparation for interviews with staff from legislative offices
  • Decision-making and negotiation of final placement offers with legislative offices
  • Completion of UTK required paperwork (i.e., Stipend Conditions and Terms; and when applicable, Academic Credit Request and Internship/Co-op Status forms)

NOTE: The placement process can last a few weeks as all the legislative offices vary in their process and timeline. It is imperative that nominees stay in regular contact with the program contacts during this time. Failure to respond to emails or phone calls, missed appointments, etc. will jeopardize your opportunities to submit applications on time, receive placement offers, and/or complete UTK documentation by deadlines.


Information Session: January 17th, 2017 at 4 PM

Application Opens:  Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Application Deadline:  Wednesday, January 25th ,2017 at 5 PM

Applicant Interview Dates (UTK Committee):  Week of February 1st

Placement Process: February-April  (length of time to secure a placement varies by student and legislative office)

Summer Internship Dates: Session 1: May – June/Session 2: July – August (exact start and end dates are negotiated by student and legislative office)

Fall Internship Dates: September – December (exact start and end dates are negotiated by student and legislative office)



Information Session: September

Application Opens: August 2017

Application Deadline:  September 2017

Applicant Interview Dates (UTK Committee):  Mid-Fall 2017

Placement Process: October-December  (length of time to secure a placement varies by student and legislative office)

Spring Internship Dates: January – May (exact start and end dates are negotiated by student and legislative office)


Each office’s individual procedure varies, but typically you will apply with the following: Resume, Cover Letter, and 2-3 References. Some offices also require an online application form, writing sample and recommendation letters from your references.  Deadlines also vary; it is recommended to check each site to which you intend to apply and plan to submit applications at least 2 months prior to the desired internship session.

Roe, PhilR Call for Application Instructions
Duncan Jr., John J. R Application: Online Form, Resume, Cover Letter and References
Fleischmann, Chuck
Application: Downloadable Form. Email completed Form with Resume
DesJarlais, Scott
R Contact Office for Application Instructions
Cooper, Jim
D Online Form, Resume, Cover Letter, two Letters of Recommendation

Deadline: Summer = 3/18/17; Fall = 7/22/17; Spring = 12/9/17
Black, Diane
Application: Email Resume & Cover Letter
Deadline: Summer = 3/15/17; Fall = 7/15/17; Spring = 11/15/17
Blackburn, Marsha

Application: Contact the Office for more Information. Email Resume & Cover Letter
Kustoff, David

Application: Online Form, Resume & Cover Letter
Cohen, Steve

Application: Email Resume, Cover Letter & Transcript

Deadline: apply at least two months before the desired semester
Lamar Alexander
R Downloadable Form. Email completed Form with Resume

Deadline: Summer: 4/7/17; Semesters: Rolling but recommended 1 ½ -2 months prior
Bob Corker/Foreign Relations Committee (Majority)
Applications: Downloadable Form. Email completed Form with Resume

Deadline: Spring: 10/29/16; Summer: 1/28/17; Fall: 7/8/17
Help Committee/Majority

Application: Email Downloadable Form and Resume, Cover Letter, Writing Sample and two Recommendation Letters.

Deadline: Summer: 4/7/2017


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