On Campus Interviewing

You can easily request space for on-campus interviews through our job and internship database, Hire-A-VOL. To create a Hire-A-VOL account, go to https://www.myinterfase.com/utkcareer/employer/home.aspx.

Once you’re logged into Hire-A-VOL, select New Schedule Request from the My Interview Schedules drop down. Make sure you fill out Schedule Type, Preferred Interview Date 1, No of Rooms, Interview Timeslot Preference and any additional information in the Additional Request Information box.

Click Save & Continue, link to an existing job or select Add New Job to create position.

Click Save & Continue again and finalize the request by clicking the Submit Request button.

Once your schedule has been approved, you will be notified via email. Approval turnaround is normally within 24 hours.

When requesting interview space, be sure to consider important events on campus which could adversely affect interviewing. Academic calendars can be found here:


Should you have any scheduling questions, please email Heather Harrison at hharriso@utk.edu or call the Center for Career Development at 865-974-5435.