Faculty & Staff: Overview

The Center for Career Development offers many programs and services to assist students of all majors and classifications at various stages of the career development process.

Career Exploration

Professional staff and doctoral students are available to provide individual career counseling sessions for students of all majors and classifications. In general, career counseling aids students in making career-related decisions such as choosing a major or career.
To make a good referral, it is important to understand the nature of the services provided and how assistance from the Center for Career Development is different from Academic Advising. The Center for Career Development can help a student choose among educational and occupational options. These career decisions may involve self-assessment activities and identifying resources that are useful in the decision-making process. A Career Counselor helps a student look at the big picture of his or her career, while an Academic Advisor would be more effective in helping a student select specific courses to achieve career goals and meet academic requirements.
One of the most popular resources we offer is What Can I Do With This Major? Encourage your students to visit this site to learn more about the major/career connection and to find links to valuable career-related websites.

Career Consulting

Each student is assigned to a College Consultant according to his or her major. During an appointment, students can receive assistance with the job search, resume review, interview preparation, industry specific advising, the graduate school application process, internships and co-ops, networking or career fair preparation.

Career Courses

The Center for Career Development offers several courses to assist students in choosing majors and/careers and preparing for job searches.

Career Fairs

The Center for Career Development hosts a number of career fairs each year to expose students to various industries, employers and opportunities.

Career Exploration Center (CEC)

The CEC library houses books, magazines and additional materials on the topics of choosing a major or career, resume and CV preparation, the job search process, salary ranges, and employer and industry information.

Practice Interviews

Students can practice interviewing and get constructive feedback from Peer Career Advisors and staff members. Students can also practice interviewing through computer software called InterviewStream®.


Hire-A-Vol is an online career portal linking students to job databases, on-campus interviews, internship opportunities, and more. By registering, students can upload resumes and cover letters, submit applications, sign up for on-campus interviews, view dates for employer information sessions and track job search activities.

Disability Careers Office

In cooperation with the Center for Career Development and the Office of Disability Services, the Disability Careers Office (DCO) assists individual college students and alumni who have various disabilities by providing career planning services and guidance pertaining to their specific disability related issues.