CASNR Student Plan: Junior Year

  • If you have not had an intern experience, it is now critical to begin adding relevant/career related experience to your
  • Choose electives to enhance your qualifications, especially your oral and written communication skills, leadership skills
    and language abilities.
  • Seek leadership positions in your campus activities. Employers look for examples of leadership on resumes.
  • Begin to plan for your job search or for graduate school. Set deadlines for required steps.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with Mary Mahoney, Center for Career Development Consultant for CASNR at 865-974-5435 to review your resume and discuss your career plan. Explore the Center for Career Development website for additional resources. Or connect with Emily Gray, Director of CASNR Student Services at 865-974-8502.
  • Attend Career Fairs to begin identifying employers and to “practice” for your senior year of recruiting.
  • Practice your interview skills using “Interview Stream”.