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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a job in a business field without a business degree?

Employers in many business-related fields often request “any major” when recruiting at the Center for Career Development. This is because they are more interested in the personal qualities and related experiences of a candidate rather than their academic background.  These “any major” employers offer training programs ( e.g.“Management Trainee Program” or “Leadership Development Program”) that are most commonly focused in the areas of Sales, Retail, Marketing, Management and Customer Service. The philosophy for these positions is to create an entry-level job where the employer can teach the new employee the foundation of their business while grooming them for future advancement. As for the skills they find most valuable, the National Association of Colleges and Employers report yearly that employers consider the ‘perfect candidate’ to be the one having the following non-job specific or transferable skills and qualities developed through relevant experience and student activities:

Communication Skills Honesty/Integrity Interpersonal Skills
Strong Work Ethic Teamwork Skills Analytical Skills
Leadership Skills Motivation/Initiative Flexibility/Adaptability
Computer Skills Detail-Oriented

How can I gain these skills and relevant experiences?

Business-related internships and part-time jobs:
You are encouraged to seek out opportunities such as internships and part-time jobs that are related to your area of interest in business. For example, if you are interested in retail you might take a part-time job at a local retail store or complete one of the many internships that major retailers post with the Center for Career Development.

  • Hire-A-Vol
    • Search for all internships and part-time jobs posted with the Center for Career Development and upload your resume
    • Select your “desired industry” in your profile to receive announcements about jobs and events related to your interests
  • Part-time Jobs
  • Career Fairs

Student Organizations and Activities:
Business-related employers are often looking for students who have developed these transferable qualities through participation and leadership in campus activities. There are professional student organizations available (e.g. American Marketing Association) where you can develop more knowledge of your field of interest and to meet others with similar career interests.  However, many non-career related activities can also provide opportunities for you to take on leadership roles and develop many of the skills mentioned above. To learn more about the 300+ student activities available at UT visit

Remember, employer seek quality over the quantity of your experiences. Be sure to choose experiences where you will excel rather than padding your resume with numerous memberships where you have contributed very little.

Where do I look for jobs?

  • Various Business Web Sites
  • Hire-A-Vol
    • Search for all jobs posted with the Center for Career Development and upload your resume
    • Select your “desired industry” in your profile to receive announcements about jobs and events related to your interests
  • Business Listserv
    • Receive job, internship and other opportunities in business industries. Click here to subscribe!
  • Career Fairs

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