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Social Service/Non-Profit/Mental Health

Careers in the Social Service Industry

A career in the social service industry allows one to serve the public directly in a variety of areas including but not limited to child and family welfare, education, healthcare/rehabilitation, criminal justice/legal services, gerontology, developmental disabilities, housing, economic/community development, and mental health/psychotherapy. There are a substantial number of rewarding careers available in the industry, with opportunities in government and business settings, nonprofit and mental health settings, and college/university settings. Depending on your level of degree (Bachelors, Masters/professional or Ph.D.) and related experiences, a human & social services related major can open doors to allow you to teach, research, advocate, counsel/advise, develop/manage programs and policies, and contribute to society through your distinct interests and values. For job, internship, and experiential opportunities in the field, subscribe to our LISTSERV.


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