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Government and Public Policy

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” 


Our Government
Learn how America’s federal, state and local governments work to enact the will of the people, and how the President and administration collaborate with the Legislative and Judicial branches to govern the United States.

Also, view this page for an overview and resources for developing a strong understanding of how the United States Federal, State and Local governments operate. An essential tool for employer research! Also a great resource for understanding various branches of US Government: USA.GOV

Careers in Government
Provides information on conferences, professional associations and public sector employment trends.

Public Service Careers
Career advice, job and internship board, and degree overviews for careers in public service and policy.


What Can I Do with This Major?
Government, just like the private and nonprofit sectors, has need of a variety of fields and diciplines to manage their daily operations and meet their mission to the people; therefore, while it is recommended to  review majors such as Political Science, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, or categories such as Law & Justice and Social Science, we also encourage  you to consider any disciplines of interest and their roles in the various levels of government.

Review undergraduate and graduate disciplines offered at UT.

UT Department of Political Science 
Offers an undergraduate Political Science major and minor and graduate degrees in Political Science and Policy & Public Administration.

Peterson’s Online
Helps students find schools and programs by interest, discipline, location and program type. Use the key word or interest areas search functions for the impact career field of interest. Tip: Be sure to explore a variety of program areas and key word options as programs often use different titles depending on the school (i.e. public policy vs. public service vs. public administration, etc)

Equal Justice Works
Public interest law resources including law school database

Federal Government

USA JOBS is the federal governments’ primary resource for hiring new employees. The Student and Recent Graduates section includes tips and tutorials for identifying go occupations by major, internships, volunteer and recent graduate positions, and a job and internship board.

Go Government
Student-focused website designed as a tutorial for careers within the Federal Government – primarily focused on full-time career civil-service employment within the executive branch.

Call to Serve
A national campaign to attract college students to government positions.
Contains links to the home pages of departments, agencies, boards and commissions and quasi-official agencies. Also provides an organizational directory of the federal government.

Washington Post Government section
Contains news and resources including career advice on civil service and defense/security careers, career profiles, and a search engine for government jobs.

Federal Internships 

USA Jobs Students – Includes a search engine, agency/departmental directory (search career pages) and Pathways Programs (for students and recent graduates)

The University of Tennessee Congressional Internship Program
The University of Tennessee has an established an internship nomination and scholarship program with select congressional offices in Washington, D.C. Visit this site to learn more about the program, available scholarships and the application process.  If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity independently of UTK you may visit the website of the Congressman or Senator for which you are interested in interning. Internships are available in the congressional members Washington, DC office, as well as their district offices.

State Government

State of Tennessee

State of Tennessee Department of Human Resources
Includes list of agencies and departments, job classifications and listings and FAQs regarding state hiring processes.
List of state of TN agencies and departments hiring Executive Service or Non-Preferred Service and do not hire through the TN Department of Human Resources.

State of Tennessee Internship Programs

City/Municipal Government

National League of Cities

Tennessee Cities and Counties

Municipal Technical Advisory Service – UT Institute for Public Service

County Technical Assistance Service – UT Institute for Public Service

Internships in Municipal Government – resources coming soon!

University of Tennessee Resources

UT Centers & Institutes

Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy

Institute for Public Service 

Student Government Groups

Mock Trial UTK

Model United Nations UTK

Knoxville Speech and Debate Society UTK

Phi Alpha Delta Law Society

Political Science Graduate Student Organization 

Roosevelt Institute Campus Network UT Chapter

Student Government Association

National Programs for Civic Engagement

Americans for Informed Democracy (AID)
Empowers and equips young people in the United States to address global issues—poverty, health, climate change, peace, and security—through raising awareness and actions that promote just and sustainable solutions on their campuses, in their communities, and nationally.
Raises awareness about important causes and empowers people to take action with leading nonprofits.

Citizens for Global Solutions
Works to build political will in the United States to achieve a future in which nations work together to abolish war, protect human rights and freedoms, and solve the problems facing humanity that no nation can solve alone.

Generation Citizen
Empowers historically under-represented youth to become active participants in the democratic process.

Hip Hop Caucus
Fosters civic engagement among young people of color on issues of social and economic justice, human rights, the environment, and international peace, so they can attain increased opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Partnership for Public Service
Works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works.

Project Pericles
Encourages and facilitates commitments by colleges and universities to include social responsibility and participatory citizenship as essential elements of their educational programs.

Rock the Vote
Engages and builds the political power of young people to achieve progressive change in the United States. Uses music, popular culture, and new technologies to engage and incite young people to register and vote in every election and gives young people the tools to identify, learn about, and take action on the issues that affect their lives. Check out Rock the Vote’s video:

Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
Engages new generations in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change.




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