CEHHS Student Plan: Senior Year

  • Start searching for jobs on HIRE-A-VOL, submitting your resume to positions and registering for interviews by
    September 1st. Continue to check HIRE-A-VOL at least once a week for new positions.
  • Participate in the Center for Career Development workshops and all special Center for Career Development/Student Group sponsored career events.
  • Schedule a Video Practice Interview with the Center for Career Development.
  • Research companies and/or graduate schools of interest and watch for application deadlines.
  • Learn how to conduct a thorough job search campaign and update your career plan by meeting with your College
  • Plan to be job search ready with a polished resume, professional appearance and attire and a plan of action for your
    companies of interest by the Fall Job Fair (usually in September). Over half of the job offers for seniors graduating in May
    will be made based on this fair.
  • Identify salary ranges and think about salary negotiations and benefits important to you.
  • Continue with the process until your goal of employment or graduate school has been achieved.
  • Begin preparing for the transition to your first successful year on the job.