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University of Tennessee – Center for Career Development

Engineering Student Plan: Freshman Year

  • Demonstrate excellent academic performance – make the best grades you can every semester – employers do consider GPA’s.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Begin building strong time and task management skills which will carry over to your career success.
  • Strengthen your written and verbal communication skills in English classes and writing labs and by making presentations. Work on the Engineering basics of math and science and don’t forget to enhance your computer skills as well.
  • Discover “hidden” UT resources – the Center for Career Development, Counseling Center, Engineering Advising, the Student Success Center, tutorial services, etc…
  • Think about what majors, careers and employers interest you. Do research on the skills and qualifications that are required to obtain those positions now and work towards obtaining those qualities by graduation. How do you want to “stand out” from other candidates and what do you need to get there? Look at “What Can I Do With This Major?” for more information on connecting majors to careers.
  • Identify and participate in campus co-curricular activities in your major or in your field of interest. Start building your
    professional network and identify mentors that can guide you now and in the future.
  • Visit the Office of Professional Practice to learn about co-op and intern opportunities.
  • Explore the resources on the Center for Career Development website and begin developing your resume.
  • Register for HIRE-A-VOL and sign up for career e-mails. Start looking at engineering jobs and their requirements and use the system to search for a summer job or a part-time job while in school.

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