Center for Career Development – University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee – Center for Career Development

Engineering Elevator Speech

30 second / One minute Elevator Speech

  • Intro (shake hands, make eye contact, introduce yourself with a smile and confidence)
  • I am “Name”, a Senior in xxxx in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in xxxx
  • Graduation date: Dec. 2010
  • Ask an informed and specific question about the company and/or position I am interested in to show that I am sincerely interested in the company

What I am looking for from a job: Internship, co-op, full-time?
What? Example: A research opportunity involving fusion energy (Be open to suggestions, listen to what the company has to offer.) Have worked with: materials, power plants – design and upkeep, energy
How? My overall Strengths: dedicated and ambitious, responsible, disciplined (hand them my resume to back up these strengths)
Where? Since I am looking to work during classes I would like to be within driving distance of the university, but I am also looking for an internship opportunity during summer of 2009
When? I would like to work during the upcoming fall semester and if I can next spring as well. I have worked through my entire college career and am used to working around 15-20 hours a week while going to school full-time.

Try to find something specific related to each of your top 10 companies to ask about and relate to your skills, if possible – I saw on your website that you company has an Engineering Management program for college graduates. I am particularly interested in that as I have experience in management and enjoy leadership and teamwork opportunities.

End with an open-ended question (not a yes/no answer):
Can you tell me a little more about that program?

  • Ask if there is anything more about myself I could supply them with.
  • Ask for a business card or pick one up in order to send:
    • cover letter
    • thank you note
    • future correspondence
  • Shake hands, thank them, and go to another booth to repeat.

“Hello. My name is Jonah Smith, it’s very nice to meet you. I will be graduating from UT in May 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Business. I have gathered a lot of professional experience in computer sales, and am looking for a job in that field. This past summer, I gained a lot of valuable sales experience through an internship with Dell, and over the past two years have also been active in getting my friend’s small computer business off the ground. I’ve researched your company, and I know that you’ve recently expanded your product line to include wireless communication devices. I’m really excited by the recent innovations in wireless services, and would love to find out more about what you’re doing in that area. I’m also very interested in learning about the kinds of training opportunities and entry level positions you have available to graduating seniors.”


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