Career Classes

The Center for Career Development offers several courses to assist students in choosing majors/careers and preparing for job searches.

Exploring Majors and Careers: CE 205
Search for Counselor Education 205 in the Timetable to find course offerings in the Fall and Spring.

“Exploring Majors and Careers” is a one-credit, satisfactory/no credit course designed to help freshmen and sophomores (juniors may take the course with permission) learn about themselves and how to investigate potentially satisfying major and career options. Learning objectives include identifying interests, skills, values and personality traits; increasing knowledge of various majors and colleges available at UT; learning basic search strategies related to finding internships, part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities; locating and utilizing academic and career informational resources; developing decision-making and goal setting skills.

Class topics include:
Career Myths, UT Colleges and Majors, UT Sources of Assistance, Using the Catalog, Strong Interest Inventory, Work and Lifestyle Values, Personality and Career, Skills and Abilities, Gaining Experience, Researching Majors and Careers, Decision-making, Goal Setting.

Engineering Career Planning and Placement: EF 301
This class is offered each Spring and Fall semester and is taught at the Center for Career Development, Student Union Level 2 on Mondays, 1:25 – 2:15 pm. This class is a perfect fit for all Juniors and Seniors and will equip students with the right tools to land that great job. The class is offered on a 1–hour Satisfactory/No Credit basis and is taught by the Center for Career Development Consultant for the College of Engineering, April Gonzalez. Expect visits from company representatives, tips and tricks from HR Recruiters, advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing and salary negotiation and learn the ways you can stand out and get noticed at job fairs.

Business Career Planning and Placement: BA 320
Business Career Planning and Placement (Business Administration 320) is a course targeted primarily to juniors and seniors interested in improving their job searching skills. This one-credit, satisfactory/no credit course equips students with the necessary tools to find and land that great job after college and beyond. Just some of the topics include writing effective resumes and cover letters, uncovering personal strengths and weaknesses, honing interview skills, networking tips and negotiating salary. Students will learn what employers really look for in potential candidates with several employers visiting throughout the semester. Don’t miss a great opportunity to get prepared for your future. “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”

CE 404: Career Strategies for the Arts & Sciences
Beginning Spring 2010, this course will be offered every semester on Wednesday, 1:25-2:15 in the Center for Career Development, Student Union Level 2.
Career Strategies for the Arts & Sciences is a course targeted primarily to juniors and 1st semester seniors interested in answering the “What are you going to do with that major?” question and identifying the necessary actions steps and tools to make it a reality. The goal of this one-credit, satisfactory/no credit course is to equip CAS student with the knowledge and tools to identify what they WANT to do with their major and to take the appropriate action steps leading towards lifelong career success. Some of the topics include identifying and evaluating possible career paths, communicating the value of your major and skill set to employers through resumes/cover letter, interviews, networking and salary negotiation, planning and applying for graduate school and transitioning into the world of work.