Graduate School Interviews

You may find that admission committee for you program wants to meet with you in person to discuss your goals and fit for their program (common practice for medical schools). Don’t panic! We recommend you meet with your Career Consultant for a Practice Interview. You may schedule this at 865-974-5435. Do so early so that you have time to process your consultant’s suggestions and possibly do a follow-up practice interview. For more information visit

Whether or not the program requires an interview we encourage you to plan to visit your top choices if possible. While you are there you will want talk with admissions, faculty, and other students to gain a better understanding of how the program fits your criteria. You should sit in on a class, if possible, and visit the community to gain a feel for the surrounding areas. We suggest contacting the program in advance to determine if they offer a formal visitation or if they can help you plan your informal visit. Regardless of formality, remember that while you might be there to gather information about their program, they will also have the chance to learn more about you – be professional and prepared at all times!

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