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Self-Assessment for Interviewing

Instructions: Using the scale below, rate yourself to your perception of your competence in each quality and skill. Be sure to keep track of your totals. Excellent (4) Good (3) Average (2) Weak (1) Poor (0)

Personal Qualities
_____ 1. Enthusiastic/Energetic
_____ 2. Resourceful
_____ 3. Quality Oriented
_____ 4. Goal Oriented
_____ 5. Competitive
_____ 6. Persevering
_____ 7. Responsible/Reliable
_____ 8. Demonstrated Initiative
_____ 9. Proven Work Ethic
_____ 10. Effective Team Member

_____ 11. Analyze
_____ 12. Create/Develop
_____ 13. Implement
_____ 14. Administer/Manage
_____ 15. Communicate effectively
_____ 16. Sell/Promote
_____ 17. Teach/Train
_____ 18. Motivate

_____TOTAL Now total your scores from the test. Below is a guide to help you evaluate how you scored. There are a total of 72 possible points.

Score/ Evaluation

This score indicates that you have acquired most of the traits that employers desire. If you have good evidence of these abilities you have the potential to do very well in job interviews.

You are a strong candidate. You have many of the necessary skills to succeed in job interviews. You need to build on these strengths and work on the weaker categories.

There are two ways to look at this score. Either you are average at many things or you are good at some and weak at others. If you are average at many things, you need to identify ways to improve in some of these areas. If you are good at some and weak at others you need to build on the good points and work on some of the weaker ones.

There is definite need for improvement here. These are traits that most employers value and you have ranked yourself weak on many of them. You may want to discuss your self-assessment with one of the Center for Career Development staff.

20 or lower
You should make an appointment with a career advisor.


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