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Student No Show Policy & Code of Conduct

The Center for Career Development has policies and procedures established for the job and internship search to provide a basis for ethical conduct. Please keep in mind these policies are in place to protect you and the employer. Unprofessional behavior by students hurts the Center for Career Development’s office reputation and the University’s reputation with employers, which can ultimately deny students recruiting opportunities.

Interview “No Show” and Late Cancellation Policy

Submitting a resume requesting an interview and scheduling an interview are BOTH formal commitments to the employer. If you are selected for an interview for which you submitted a resume you are committed to scheduling an interview and showing up for the interview unless a legitimate reason arises.

You will be considered a no-show if you:

  • Submit a resume expressing interest for an interview, are selected for an interview but fail to schedule an interview time.
  • Cancel a scheduled interview less than 24 hours before the interview.
  • Do not show up for an interview you have scheduled with an employer.

If you violate the no-show policy as stated above, your account with HiRE-A-VOL will be immediately suspended.

In order to reinstate your account with HiRE-A-VOL, you will be required to speak with the Center for Career Development Director, Stephanie Kit. Reactivating your privileges will be at the discretion of the Director.

To avoid No Show status:

  • Before you Apply — Do not apply for any on-campus interview unless you have a real interest in interviewing for the opportunity and areasonable expectation that you will be able to attend the interview. Read job descriptions thoroughly taking into account location, length of assignment, qualifications, and other factors. If you are unfamiliar with the company, research the company online BEFORE applying. Consult your class schedule for exams or project deadlines which may conflict with the interview date. Consider your own time management and do not apply for too many companies interviewing on the same day.
  • During Resume Submission Period — If you have applied for an interview and determine that you will not be able to interview for any reason, you may log in to the system and WITHDRAW your application. Withdrawal is only available while the employer is still accepting applications. If you withdraw your application, your account with our office will remain active.
  • During Interview Sign-ups — If you cannot accept an interview invitation for any reason, log in to your account and DECLINE the interview. The option to decline is available by clicking on your interview sign up alert. If you decline an interview invitation during interview sign-ups your account with our office will remain active.
  • After Interview Sign-ups — If you have scheduled an interview and have a legitimate reason that you cannot attend, call our office immediately. If you inform us at least 24 hours before your interview we can cancel your interview without further repercussions for you. Our office has 24 hour voicemail and can always accept messages. If less than 24 hours remains before the interview, please contact us as well. Your account may be quickly reinstated if we receive contact from you immediately.

Other Policies

Acceptance Policy for Permanent and Internship Jobs

After accepting a job offer, you should NOT continue to interview. You must notify the Center for Career Development of your acceptance and cease further activity.

Accurate Representation Policy

Always provide accurate information during the job search process. Do not falsify work experience, GPA, dates, eligibility, leadership roles, etc.

Resume Referrals

Permission to refer resumes to employers is granted by you through a statement in the HiRE-A-VOL software. It says “Release Resume to Employers/Internet” and you have the option to select “yes” or “no”. Selecting yes allows the Center for Career Development to refer your resume to prospective employers.

Graduate Placement Survey

All students graduating in Academic Year 2009 – 2010 will be required to complete a Graduate Placement Survey in order to maintain access to the Hire-a-Vol system as UTK Alumni. You will be contacted via email following your graduation to complete this survey. Prompt response to the Survey will guarantee that your account will not be suspended.


Again, these policies are in place to protect you, the student. No-shows hurt UT’s reputation with employers and deny other students an interview spot of which they might have taken advantage. We will do everything we can to be understanding in extreme situations, but we ask you to be responsible and avoid no-shows. If you have questions about this code, please contact Mrs. Stephanie Kit, Director of the Center for Career Development at (865)-974-5435.


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