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Major: Management
Success Story: 
Tomorrow morning I will walk across the stage at Thompson-Boling Arena with a Bachelors degree in Business Management and then start my career with a very large company two days later.  If it were not for the fantastic people at the Disability Careers Office (DCO), this would have never happened.  Sarah and Myranda always kept me encouraged and prepared for every interview, and even everyone in the front office was always so positive and eager to help me succeed.  Throughout my journey at UT, the DCO helped me achieve my goals.  From the day I started testing in their facilities, I made better grades.  The practice interviews and resume critiques led me to great job experiences.  I was able to participate in a Management Internship, which led to an interview in Atlanta for a potential career. I also had the chance to interview for government positions located all around the world through the Workforce Recruitment Program.  This all led me to one of my biggest accomplishments yet: Management Trainee for a worldwide company.  However, what I cherish most was the conversations and one on one time that kept me level when the stress piled up. I am so gracious to the DCO but if I had to do college over again, I would have sought assistant from the DCO from day one instead of waiting until the end of my sophomore year.  I feel that I might have missed out on some great opportunities.  Yet in any case, I owe my success to the wonderful people at the DCO.  Every person was always so supportive.  They never had a lack of kind words to say and went out of their way to accommodate me.

Success Story: The Disability-Careers Office at The University of Tennessee is a program designed to help students with disabilities on their career development and employment preparation.  During this past year, I took advantage of one of the available resources, the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP).  The WRP, which is coordinated by the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and the U.S. Department of Defense, is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal and private sector employers with post secondary students with disabilities who are interested in summer internships or permanent jobs. After interviewing with the WRP in February, the Foreign Agriculture Service United States Department of Agriculture contacted me and offered me the experience of a lifetime.

Success Story: I have been a student here at the University of Tennessee for four years.  As a graduating senior, I am grateful that I was able to take advantage of the Disability Careers Office.  Not only has the office helped me with the basics such as career advice, after graduation plans, and my résumé but I was also able to develop a personal relationship with some of the staff.  Anytime I had a problem, I was able to get a meeting and discuss what was happening.  In fact, when I was going to take the LSAT I was considering getting special accommodations in order to ensure my success on the exam.  I merely sent a general email about my problem and when I went in for a meeting that very week, they were able to give me tons of information about how to go about getting accommodations as well as numbers of contacts from the law school here at UT to discuss how to deal with my disability once I was in law school, far after the LSAT.


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