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Injae Park

Injae ParkMajor: M.A. Political Science

Injae Park
Major: M.A. Political Science

Year in School: Alumni, May 2011.
 M.A. in Political Science
Services Utilized at the Center for Career Development:Graduate Student Workshop: CVs and Resumes, Revision service on my resume
Success Story: I attended the workshop and got an insight on how employers look at resumes and what points they want to find out in resumes. With regard to these, I learned how to organize content in resumes in order to look better in the eyes of employers. I sent my resume to the Center for Career Development staff to have the resume reviewed. I took their instructions and revised it accordingly. Of course I used it in the application process too. I am very satisfied with the revised one. It is like they take an old building which does not look attractive, remodel it and, help the building owner resell it at much higher price in market.
Would you recommend the Center for Career Development to a peer?:
I want UTK students to know more about what services are provided by the Center for Career Development and take advantage all of them to the full in career seeking period. The Center for Career Development is well organized and all of the staff are kind and willing to do something for students’ career success!
In fact, I took useful career-related materials in the center and gave them to my friends after attending the workshop. They appreciated those materials. Again I hope more students visit there and use such materials for better career success.


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