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Karl Hughes

Karl L. HughesMajor: Mechanical EngineeringMinor: Business Administration

Karl L. Hughes
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Business Administration

Year in School: Senior
 Mechanical Engineering and minor in Business Administration
Services Utilized at the Center for Career Development :Workshops, resume critique, information sessions, career fairs, etiquette dinners, and just about anything else I have time to go to.
Success Story :While going to the job fair every semester has been helpful, it’s often hard to get much face-to-face time with company representatives. Even if you do get to speak with the company you’re gunning for, they usually just hand you a card and tell you to apply online where it feels as if you’re shooting your carefully crafted resume into a black hole.

Thanks to the events the Center for Career Development has every year, I’ve learned much more effective ways to network and build connections. The Center for Career Development often host smaller events with companies where you can meet recruiters in a much more casual environment, and the workshops about things like personal branding and interview skills have been extremely helpful to me now.

Throughout the last year the Center for Career Development has helped me get into Eastman Chemical’s Leadership Development Program, and land a part-time job as a technical writer for Siemen’s Healthcare. I know that I owe myself some credit for being proactive, but many of the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow professionally wouldn’t have been available without UT’s great Center for Career Development program.
Would you recommend the Center for Career Development to a peer?:
Yes. I already recommend it to someone about once a week.


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