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Salary Data

Full Time Salaries Accepted by 2014-2015 Graduates - By College

CollegeNumber of Students ReportingHigh SalaryLow SalaryMean Salary 2014-2015Mean Salary 2013-2014Mean Salary 2012-2013Mean Salary 2011-2012
College of Agriculture Science and Natural Resources38650002000039591444824134531108
College of Architecture and Design20500002100039975403333953339214
College of Arts & Science1251050001400035353385083693534758
Haslam College of Business3171100001700047353496134609145901
College of Communications and Information48550001680031513405123338731042
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences42550001400030858392373814133012
College of Engineering1491100002000059860579335811757534
College of Nursing14110000220004883644913NANA
College of Social Work84000023000319283866726000NA
These salary figures represent job offers accepted by undergraduates following graduation. They do not represent salaries for all students who accepted jobs because some students choose not to disclose salary figures. The number reported does not include students going on to graduate school or students still seeking employment.


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