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Assistant DirectorBiographyCliftonStrengths: WOO, Positivity, Communication, Includer, Maximizer Katie Wiley is the Assistant Director for Employer Development on the Employer Development […]

Career Systems ManagerBiographyCliftonStrengths: Analytical, Strategic, Achiever, Learner, Competition Miciah is the employer relations assistant for the Center for Career Development […]

Assistant DirectorBiographyCliftonStrengths: Input, Restorative, Adaptability, Arranger, Learner Leslie Walton serves as the assistant director for employer development. Leslie works with […]

Associate DirectorBiographyCliftonStrengths: Positivity, Futuristic, WOO, Relator, Individualization  Andrew Hart serves as the associate director for employer development. In this role, […]

Assistant Director BiographyCliftonStrengths: Input, Strategic, Learner, Intellection, Achiever Mary Beth Woodward serves as the assistant director of internship development. In […]

Assistant DirectorBiographyCliftonStrengths: Context, Includer, Consistency, Connectedness, Relator Joann has worked at UT in several departments: human resources, office of financial […]