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Career Counseling & Assessments

Career Counseling

Career exploration staff members are available by appointment to provide one-on-one assistance. Students see career counselors for assessment feedback, decision-making, academic and career resources, exploring and evaluating options, and goal setting. Call 865-974-5435 to schedule an appointment.


You have online access to several assessments to assist with your career exploration needs. Individual appointments to review results, along with resources on this website, will help you connect your results to UT majors.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is appropriate for students choosing a major or career path. This 291-item assessment compiles your interest patterns and compares them to satisfied professionals in various occupations. In an appointment to review your results, you will learn which areas interest you the most and how they relate to majors and careers. To take the Strong Interest Inventory, call 865-974-5435 for the assessment link.


Traitify is a self-directed, visual assessment you can take on your smart phone. Results include a career personality blend and corresponding career matches. Visit Traitify for more information. Sign up: UT netID and create a password.


The center also offers TypeFocus, a self-directed system to help you identify interests, values, and personality preferences. You can explore occupations according to your results. Visit TypeFocus for more information. Access code: utk34

Values Inventory

Work values relate to job tasks, setting, pay, benefits, hours, pace, etc. Lifestyle values reflect preferences such as living in a particular geographic locale, family commitments, recreation, etc. Complete the inventory to prioritize your values.

Skills Inventory

As you research careers, consider the required skills and whether or not you have or could develop them. Other ways to identify your skills include reflecting on your personal accomplishments, classroom performance in various subjects, previous jobs or volunteer positions held, and feedback you receive from others. Complete the inventory to evaluate your skills.


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