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Female Students

The following resources are designed to assist you in your career development. If you want to further discuss these, or any other questions you may have about how your gender might influence your career decisions, schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration.

  • How do I know if an employer is truly committed to diversity?
    • DiversityInc compiles an annual list of the Top 50 Companies for diversity, companies make the list based on their talent pipeline, talent development, commitment of leadership, and supplier diversity. Companies on this list are considered to be the most inclusive for employees.
  • How do I go about finding a mentor?
    • Take time to reflect, either on your own or with a professional from the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration, to identify the areas you would like to develop with the help of a mentor. These could be specific personal skills, information about an industry or position, or a desire to gain connections in the city of your choice.
    • Next, determine what a successful mentoring relationship would look like for you. Identify some goals you could realistically achieve with the help of a mentor and a timeline that would work with your schedule, go into the search for a mentor with these in mind.
    • Identify a few mentors of interest, and reach out to them for an informational interview. Discuss the goals you would like to achieve, and the possibility of future communication.
      1. Connect with people of interest on LinkedIn- send a brief message with your statement of interest and an invitation to chat
      2. With the assistance of the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration, reach out to UT alumni in your field or location of interest
      3. Consider professionals you already know, reach out to them to discuss career related issues, and suggest a continuing mentorship
      4. Levo offers a platform for millennial women to connect with peers and mentors across the nation, hosting local Levo chapters to connect with professionals in your area. (link to
  • Salary negotiation is a common concern for many candidates, especially women. Prepare ahead of time to ensure that you get the pay you deserve!
    • Tips for a successful salary negotiation
      1. Do your research, get a true sense of what the job might pay. Websites like and Glassdoor can assist in the search as well as talking to those you know who may be informed
      2. Determine the pay range in which you would be happy, and see where this overlaps with the realistic salary range of the position.
      3. Wait for the employer to bring up salary, and when they do begin the negotiation stating, “But I was really hoping for…” When they counteroffer assess the mood and room for further negotiation.
      4. Don’t stop there, continue to negotiate for extras like moving expenses or more vacation time. Worst case scenario is they say no, so don’t hesitate!