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Pride week

LGBT+ Students

The following resources are designed to assist you in your career development. If you want to further discuss these, or any other questions you may have about how your sexual orientation and/or gender expression might influence your career decisions, schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration.

When applying for internships or employment, there are a number of questions to ask in your search for an LGBT+ inclusive workplace:

  • Should I include LGBT+ activities on my resume?
    • Consider your comfort level and then consider your audience. Everything you include on a resume is fair game to be discussed during an interview- if you feel comfortable discussing LGBT+ activities include relevant accomplishments and involvement!
    • If you want to include your accomplishments, but not necessarily your affiliation, you may list your involvement in more broad terms such as “student organization involvement” or “anti-discrimination group involvement”
  • Do I plan to be “out” at work?
    • Consider your comfort level and audience. Assess the legal protections and rights in your state, and the commitment to diversity and inclusion of your workplace.
    • At the end of the day it is 100% your choice, do a bit of research beforehand and make a plan for what you would like to say and who you would like to tell.
    • Coming Out at Work- Questions to Ask and Benefits
  • What if I plan to transition on the job?
    • Know your employer, your co-workers, prepare, and utilize a support system
    • Consider potential legal factors, employer nondiscrimination policies, and needed health benefits
    • The transitioning employee’s preferences should always guide the process, as each situation will be unique. Human Resources can assist in the process and almost always are the first point of contact. They can refer to several resources and established procedures to inform them of best practices.
    • The Human Rights Campaign published Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines as a helpful reference for the transitioning employee.
    • FAQ for Transgender Job Seekers
  • Where should I apply?

Consulting individuals who have encountered the job search before and have experience in the workplace can be beneficial. Consider participating in the University of Tennessee LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program. This program seeks to pair LGBTQ+ undergraduate students with LGBTQ+ faculty and staff for career/professional development and growth, as well as meaningful, long-lasting professional relationships.