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Career Interest: Biomedical/Bioinformatics

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering to the fields of biology and medicine – aimed to research and develop technology, techniques, and products in order to solve clinical problems in healthcare. The four main career paths are:

  • Clinical engineering, which creates and operates equipment used in medical procedures
  • Device engineering involves inventing and operating medical devices that help improve a patient’s quality of life such as diabetic pumps, pacemakers and dental implants.
  • Tissue engineering involves using the latest technology to invent artificial organs, regrow new ones or create new organs
  • Imaging, which deals with inventing and perfecting equipment used to look inside the human body, such as x-ray machines and medical resonance imaging

Check out these resources to help you decide and get started on your career path.

Career Exploration Websites

Use this section to research career paths, typical job titles, and how to start building skills to get prepared for this industry.

Specific Job & Internship Search Websites

Use this section to search specific job and internship boards for this industry.

Student Organizations- How to get InVOLved

Use this section to learn about student organizations you can join at UT to learn more about your desired industry, network with professionals and peers with similar interests, and build transferable skills.

Professional Associations

Use this section to find out about professional associations and institutes within your field. Many have student membership options and joining a professional organization can be a great way to learn about the industry and network. In addition, many have their own job listings page.

Graduate School & Licensure Resources

Use this section to learn about furthering your education within this field.