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Virtual Connections

We offer several ways for companies and organizations that are not able to visit Knoxville to connect with students virtually. Please email us at to explore possibilities or schedule a remote event. 



Virtual Information Sessions 

These events are similar to traditional on-campus information sessions, but are delivered via Zoom, Skype, or other virtual platforms. 

Virtual Office Hours  

Employers can set up virtual office hours through Handshake. Similar to in-person office hours, recruiters would be available to answer student questions about the company and available positions, and students would either pre-schedule a time to chat or companies would create a virtual waiting room and students could drop in and out. A more informal version of office hours could even be done through social media; hosting a Facebook or Instagram Live could be a casual way to meet students. 

Virtual Career Panels  

Many of our events center around industry areas. If your company would like to host a panel on a specific topic or industry area, please contact us to brainstorm ideas. Examples may include: What is it like to work in Banking? or Careers in Social Services.

Virtual Workshops

If you have expertise in a specific career area (interviewing, cover letters, salary negotiation, etc.), we would be please to include your pre-recorded presentation in our Video Library and share with students. These workshops could be focused on a specific career related topic and include a little bit about your company and the positions you recruit for.

Virtual Interviews

We have two interview rooms with virtual interview technology installed. Additionally, we can assist in managing your virtual interview and selection process through Handshake.

Converting Internships and Jobs to Virtual Experiences 

Consider engaging with other recruiters and hiring mangers via professional association discussions through NACE, SoACE, or SHRM. View Handshake’s guide on How to Recruit Early Talent from Home. The Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration has also compiled resources for best practices related to virtual internships, micro internships, and full-time jobs.